Thomas St. Thomas

Thomas St. Thomas has been establishing his signature in the fine art mediums of painting, sculpture, and photography, for over twenty years. St. Thomas' works, with their distinctive line drawings, impart a serene sexuality to the phenomena of the natural world. The artist has projected a viewing experience that creates existential hopefulness and spiritual ascension.

"My present creative ambitions," says St. Thomas, "have led me to believe that everything, everywhere, is art. Some of it is more poetic than others, yet each object comes with a metaphoric aura. When grouped together, the multi-symbolic structure becomes dense. By using an everyman's alphabet, I attempt to communicate my personal life to others through the subconscious."

St. Thomas' art has been collected internationally by corporations and private institutions since he was quite young, and he has been recognized extensively throughout the United States and Mexico. The artist presently resides in New Mexico.


"Mortal Coil"

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Thomas St. Thomas


Thomas St. Thomas

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