Jeffery Laudenslager


"My Kinetic Sculptures rely on unexpected principles of geometry. My non-Kinetic pieces, whether small of large-scale, are illusionist riddles of steel which trick the mind with clever geometries. This can result in even my static sculptures appearing animated. Throughout my career I have constantly sought the most economical means at my disposal to convey my ideas. This reductive effort has resulted in an understated elegance and grace."


Wall Mounted painted Stainless Steel Sculpture

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"Triangle with bent corner"

12" x 12" x 1/4", Stainless with acrylic, 2002

Prices upon request

Kinetic Sculpture











"San Andreas"

approx. 90" x 50" x 24", titanium and steel kinetic sculpture

Prices upon request


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Jeffery Laudenslager

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