One approach is simply to have treatment directed at the symptoms. For example, antacid for indigestion, painkillers for headaches, or sleeping pills for sleeplessness. Another is to reduce your nervous tension by taking sedatives, or anti-depressants, or by learning relaxation techniques, mediation, yoga and so on.
However, I think that the best way to get rid of any physical or mental symptoms of nervous tension is to tackle the cause directly. Stop trying to hide or deny your feelings of sadness, anger, or fear. When you try to force these natural feelings underground they are more likely to express themselves in the form of some unpleasant symptoms. So try to let them out — talk about them and allow yourself to feel them. You may be able to do this with family, friends, your practitioner, a nurse, a priest, social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Choose one or more of these people that you trust and feel comfortable with.
Any or all of these approaches may reduce your discomfort and help you to take and keep control of your life. Don't let your need to appear tough and able to cope with anything prevent you from seeking relief of all your symptoms, whatever their cause.
We'll now go on to look at some of the symptoms you could experience and what you can do about them.



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