Chemotherapy, or the use of cytotoxic drugs to kill the cancer cells, is now part of the initial treatment.
As in other forms of cancer what is developing is a team approach to treatment, the surgeon, radiotherapist, and chemotherapist making joint decisions about the management of each patient.
The implantation of a silicone prosthesis to give the woman a new "breast" is now a regular procedure for many women unfortunate enough to lose their breast because of cancer. The construction of the new breast may be done at the same time as the initial operation of removal of the breast or may be delayed for some months.
If you find a lump go straight to the doctor. If it isn't cancer you save months of worry. If it is, the earlier it is found and treated the better the result.
The breast is the commonest site of cancer in women, but the uterus or womb is the second.
Cancer may involve the cervix, or neck of the womb, or the body of the womb; and the age at which the cancers occur, the possible causes and their subsequent behaviors differ.



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